Finished Photos: Steiner Ranch Residence

We are so excited to show you completion shots of this beautiful Austin home, the Steiner Ranch Residence! Our #interiordesign team, did a comprehensive interior project including the kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, living, dining, study and outdoor spaces. The interior design style is an eclectic mix of contemporary and Asian antique. Many parts of the design incorporate ways to showcase the extensive and unique art collection of the owners. Earlier this summer we had a post about our photo shoot of epic proportions (Lights! Camera! Action!), and promised to show the finished photos.

Well here they are! Enjoy!


Above: dining and bar space


Above: kitchen


Above: living space


Above: outdoor space


Above: entryway



Above: study




Above: bathrooms



Above: master bath


Above: master bedroom closet



Above: master bedroom


Good Console

Our #interiordesigner, Komal, has to work to pull every #interiordesign scheme together into a cohesive composition. Selecting each furniture piece and accessory is part of what makes the whole process enjoyable. A good console table can finish off a space perfectly, be a feature piece in the room, or provide stylish, functional storage. These spaces below needed just the right feature piece to subtly compliment the other elements in the rooms.


Here are some other “good consoles” from the New York Design Center that could be either show stoppers or subtle supporting roles in a design scheme.








Interior Design Reno: Good Bone Structure Needed

At our company, Spaces Designed, there are few things we love more than a good #interiordesign #renovation project! But one other favorite thing high on our list is real estate! We have often played a dual role for our clients by providing realtor and #interiordesigner services. This means helping a client find a house to purchase that has “good bones” as well as transforming the spaces into a truly functional home that improves their lifestyles.


In this award-winning Northwest Austin residence, our #interiordesigner helped the client recognize the “good bone structure” of the existing house. Starting with favorable existing conditions makes all the difference for a smoother #remodelproject. These before and after shots show just how much good #interiordesign can improve the aesthetics and functionality of a space.


Above: living room before



Above: living room after


Above: bathroom before


Above: bathroom after


Above: bathroom after



Above: kitchen before

kao_3_zoom kao_5_zoom kao_7_zoomAbove: kitchen after


Above: bedroom before


Above: bedroom after


Above: master bath before


Above: master bath after

If you’re looking for a new home with plans for renovating, make sure to remember this post. I hope you hear the Inspired Interiors’ voice in the back of your head saying “Pssst! Pick one with good bone structure!” Good luck!

Nature Meets Mod – Organic Inspired Design

Back in May, an innovative team at Nervous System design studio in Somerville, Massachusetts showcased a new product at ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York City. The team, led by Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg seeks inspiration from natural phenomena in the world around us, and creates projects that mold art, technology, and science into one. They take unusual, yet naturally beautiful geometries and integrate them into user-friendly computer programs that ultimately create wonderful jewelry and housewares. This technique is exactly what Nervous System uses to design products like their new Radiolaria Table.


The team created an app that allows people to become part of the fun and the life of the item that will eventually be theirs. The user gets to design the table, and ultimately have the joy of knowing that they took part in the creation of a functional piece of artwork. What a way to give your space so much more personality and character! The user also determines which holes get the plexiglass, how tall the table is to be, and what finish is to be applied. Once the table is designed, the team uses a CNC machine to carve the table out of sustainable Baltic birch plywood!


But wait! The fun doesn’t stop there. The studio is also releasing designs for a new 16-piece pendant and sconce lighting family…and they are seriously cool. Be sure to check out more of their affordable and sustainable products at:


Naturally. Wood!

Natural wood is one of the hottest interior design trends for 2013. From furniture to accessories, you will see it everywhere this year in various wood types and finishes. Here are some examples from our shop. Click on the image to see a larger image and specs at our shop website.

Grasscloth Wallcovering: Not Just For Beach Homes!

When you think grasscloth wallcovering you might picture a beach front property with wicker and bamboo furniture, Hawaiian print upholstery and pastel colors galore. However, a new trend for grasscloth is using it to add texture and contrast in a variety of interior design styles.

Sleek background texture in a eclecticly leaning contemporary living space

Contrasting with smooth bent plywood in a mid-century modern influenced dining room
Neutral background texture in this modern eclectic space
Grasscloth in a dark color upgrades the decor in this coastal residence
A sophisticated alternative to a backsplash in a contemporary bathroom
Completing the composition of a serene contemporary bedroom oasis
Mimicking the texture of concrete in a modern bedroom
Bright and bold color in a comfortable contemporary office

Get Inspired!

We always get inspiration from perusing what’s new in design and furniture showrooms. Here are some inspiring finds!

cool contemporary chairs

VAS-iPad- 004 VAS-iPad- 005

VAS-iPad- 003

VAS-iPad- 007

VAS-iPad- 002

luxurious bedding

VAS-iPad- 016

side table ideas

VAS-iPad- 013

VAS-iPad- 014

coffee table ideas

VAS-iPad- 012

we ❤ this lighting

VAS-iPad- 034

for the table

VAS-iPad- 009

VAS-iPad- 008

VAS-iPad- 018

 VAS-iPad- 020

VAS-iPad- 024