About Komal Sheth

“We endeavor to combine our love of design and our desire to help others live life more beautifully with our strong commitment to the environment”

Spaces Designed was founded by Komal Sheth with a commitment to creating beautiful, livable spaces that meet clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while respecting the environment. Graduating in Interior Design from a prestigious university in Bombay, India, Komal went on to work for prominent design firms in India, Southern California, Northern California, Dallas, and Austin, Texas.

Komal brings her client’s visions to life through her vast knowledge of aesthetics, space planning, design resources and collaboration with professional contractors, artisans and architects. She continually evaluates fresh, new products and ideas in green building and encourages and promotes the use of sustainable products explaining to her clients’ the positive environmental benefits of sustainable products.

Komal also acquired her Real Estate license. Combining expertise in Interior Design with Real Estate has given Komal the unique ability to help her clients find and create the home of their dreams. Please browse the portfolio to see a sample of work ranging from whole house remodels to bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and restaurants.


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