Finished Photos: Steiner Ranch Residence

We are so excited to show you completion shots of this beautiful Austin home, the Steiner Ranch Residence! Our #interiordesign team, did a comprehensive interior project including the kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, living, dining, study and outdoor spaces. The interior design style is an eclectic mix of contemporary and Asian antique. Many parts of the design incorporate ways to showcase the extensive and unique art collection of the owners. Earlier this summer we had a post about our photo shoot of epic proportions (Lights! Camera! Action!), and promised to show the finished photos.

Well here they are! Enjoy!


Above: dining and bar space


Above: kitchen


Above: living space


Above: outdoor space


Above: entryway



Above: study




Above: bathrooms



Above: master bath


Above: master bedroom closet



Above: master bedroom


Firm Feature

Webber + Studio is an Austin, TX architecture firm that creates innovative, ultra-functional and environmentally conscious designs. They specialize in tying indoor and outdoor spaces together, and integrating the site and the structure of each project.

In this Tarrytown Residence in Austin, Webber + Studio combined Asian contemporary form, natural materials, serene neutrals, bright accent colors, and contrasting textures in a seamless indoor/outdoor living home design. These elements are all our favorite things!

Winter Hibernation is Over!

As much as we love our well-designed interior environments, we are excited that it’s time to start enjoying our well-designed exterior ones again as well! As the weather warms up and we head into Spring, we may gravitate towards spending more time in the exterior spaces of the home. The Grover Residence, a project that was included in the Austin Outdoor Living Tour in Austin, TX, is a great example of a stylish but comfortable outdoor living room.

The Highland Park West Residence is a great example of using outdoor accessories 
to enhance the warmth of an entryway.
We invite you to Shop Spaces Designed and take a look at some of the outdoor furniture and outdoor decor that can make your backyard, patio, deck, or cabana a pleasantly bright, light and functional exterior room. Shipping is FREE on all orders over $99! 

These are some of our favorites from the shop:
Zepher Transitional Outdoor Wall Sconce
Challis Teal Distressed Planter Set
Algarve Outdoor Coffee Table
Versa Outdoor Armchair

A Match Made In Heaven, Coffee Table Style!

Coffee tables are one of the most difficult pieces of furniture to find and select, and for a good price. So we have pulled together some ideas and options to point you in the right direction when selecting the right kind of coffee table, material and finish.
There are many things to consider when selecting the RIGHT coffee table. Is there a pattern on the rug, is there a lot of texture and color in the room, blah blah blah… this can become overwhelming quickly. We have created a step by step check list to help simplify the selection of your perfect coffee table.
Location- the first thing to choose is the location of your coffee table. It should simplify the process a great deal by specifying what the purpose of this coffee table should be. If the table is placed in the living room then it should complete the design and complement the décor. If the table is in a children’s space the table should serve the purpose of a desk and workspace.
Style- Next, select the style. This will be shaped by the style of the other furniture pieces in the room and highlight these other pieces.
Size/Shape- The size and shape of the coffee table can be a difficult decision. A coffee table should be either be level to the seating that surrounds it or one to two inches shorter than the seating. The shape of the coffee table finishes the look that is being created. Round and oval coffee tables are great for scattered and sectional seating. On the other hand, rectangular and square coffee tables are great for L shaped seating. Irregular shaped coffee tables are quite popular and can be used in almost any seating arrangement.
Color- Once the shape and size have been decided it is time to decide on the color, materials and finishes of the table. These should be picked in alliance with the other furniture and décor themes throughout the space.
Extra features-Extra features cannot be forgotten. Things to consider when choosing whether or not you need extra features include; display space, work space, storage for books and magazines, etc. or is the table simply to complete the décor and highlight other features such as a rug or center piece.
Here are some of our recommendations for great coffee tables that meet the needs of many different designs:
 Glass top with a modern organic touch- East End Imports.
Functional with storage in it – Bo-Concept.
 Outdoor coffee table. – Seasonal Living outdoor furniture.
Outdoor Coffee table- Seasonal Living outdoor furniture.
 Stone Coffee Table – 18 Karat.
Completely metal- Nuevo Siren Coffee Table
Unique Coffee Tables- Bobby Berk Home- Coral Collection Black
Arktura- Hive Collection
Modern Pagoda Style Coffee Table- (a touch of traditional with a modern flare)
Fun irregular shape- Minotti.

   Traditional Coffee Tables- Bobby Berk Home- Duke of Love Sweet Mandarin
Kid Friendly (This table has no sharp edges)- Bobby Berk Home- Big Rib Coffee Table
Traditional with an Asian Flare- Brownstone Coffee Table (Rich Wood)
Rich Wood Coffee Table- Brownstone
Traditional with an Asian Flare- Brownstone
Unique Table- Bend Seating- Drum in Peacock