Feature in Austin Home Magazine

Hello all! We are honored to show you a feature of Spaces Designed owner, Komal Sheth, in Austin Home Magazine. Komal was asked her opinion her favorite chair…take a look at what she said!


“This beautiful piece, with it’s feminine styling and attractive curves, is my favorite chair. The selection of two-toned upholstery makes it a standout statement piece in any room.”

You can also view a full-page version of the feature here!


3 Holiday Mantle Ideas

With the holiday season already here, you may find yourself out of ideas and wondering how to liven up your everyday family or living room with some Christmas cheer. Fireplace mantles tend to be a great opportunity to create a focal point in a room, making these ideas quick and efficient by offering a way to decorate and make a great holiday statement in a room without covering every surface in Christmas bells and whistles. So here it goes!

1. Rustic:


With rustic decor in full stylish swing, create a cozy mantle that reflects your authentic character by adding some country-esque ribbon, wooden details or accessories, and finish it off with some burlap stockings.

2. Muted and Sophisticated


Create your white Christmas dream with a muted mantle comprised of whites, neutrals, and charcoal greys for an everyday relaxed, yet festive mantle look.

3. Fun and Quirky


Create this eclectic mantle look with a large, colorful piece of art, an all-white blank canvas and garland with pops of bold color here and there, such as bright ornament spheres and glass jars full of candy.

Hopefully these looks will inspire you to create something beautiful that will make a holiday statement in your home. But above all, have lots of fun and let your creative side run wild! Happy Holidays. xo

Marble Shopping Trip!

One of our favorite parts of interior design is shopping for all the right materials to make the whole design a cohesive composition. We were shopping for marble the other day and just have to share these beautiful finds with you! Grab a towel; you may drool over these luxurious pieces!

KVS-iPhone- 008

KVS-iPhone- 010

KVS-iPhone- 007

KVS-iPhone- 009

Home Buyers, you may need an interior designer as your realtor!

It’s a competitive market for buyers in Austin, Texas these days! This past August, over twice as many homes sold; 3,082 single-family homes in 2013 compared with 1,490 homes, in August 2010 . (http://www.inman.com/wire/austin-texas-housing-market-doubles-in-size/) With an average of over 158 people moving to Austin each and every day, single family homes are flying off the market at a rapid pace (http://www.realtyaustin.com/blog/how-to-keep-up-with-158-people-moving-to-austin-per-day.html). This all makes the city one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. Buyers may face a quickly shrinking selection of homes as well as having to compromise on their wish list for upgrades to their home.

There are so many things to consider when buying a new home; but reconciling your wish list with what you’re willing to compromise in features of the home doesn’t have to be a negative.  Komal Sheth, lead interior designer at Spaces Designed, is also a realtor who has valuable experience and insight into who design and real estate. Her perspective on finding the right home for clients sets us apart from traditional realty companies. Komal looks at the big picture; past just the closing of a home buy into the likely renovation projects, into the resale of the home down the road.


Above: after kitchen of the Kao Residence


Above: before kitchen of the Kao Residence

When Komal works in the role of realtor, she often helps homebuyers select a fixer upper that has good bones and the most potential for a successful redesign. We can consult with outside sources such as contractors, architects, engineers, and material suppliers to get a comprehensive picture of what house is the best buy could with respect to the future remodel projects. Because our company has done so many remodels, our interior designers can also foresee many of the problems likely to occur during renovation.

Even if a homebuyer has to jump on a house that’s less than perfect in order to own property in Austin, Spaces Designed can walk them through each step of that. Remodeling a less than perfect property can provide the client with beautiful spaces far beyond their expectations for a new home. We are not just selling clients on the property. We can provide a new lifestyle that is tailored to the specific needs of each client. Have no fear, new home buyers! You may just need an interior designer as your realtor!

Pillows Galore!

As we transition into Fall, we recommend changing out some of your decorating accessories to ring in the new season. New window panels, pillows and throws could help shift a room from a breezy, summery feel to a cozy, elegant Fall entertaining space. You would be surprised how much these small touches could change a space’s aesthetic. Our interior designers would like to share some fun, fabulous pics of throw pillows we found on a recent shopping trip! Not only are pillows one of the most fun decorating accessories to incorporate into a room; they also pack quite a bit of impact into a small surface area!

photo 1 photo 2  photo 4photo 1

photo 5

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Support Your Local Artists!

We want to take a moment to applaud the work of local Austin artists Jake Bryer and Erica Wildman, and Leigh Watson of Watson Designs! They worked with us on the Far West ER project. We just love incorporating art into overall interior design schemes. But it’s especially a treat when you are able to commission artwork and collaborate with an artist from early on in the design project. Take a closer look at this great artwork!

Austin Emergency Center




Nurses Station Hallway