Marble Shopping Trip!

One of our favorite parts of interior design is shopping for all the right materials to make the whole design a cohesive composition. We were shopping for marble the other day and just have to share these beautiful finds with you! Grab a towel; you may drool over these luxurious pieces!

KVS-iPhone- 008

KVS-iPhone- 010

KVS-iPhone- 007

KVS-iPhone- 009


Kitchen from Tomorrowland

The recently completed Woloszko Kitchen is part of a larger Woloszko Residence house remodel. This “kitchen from tomorrowland” was part of an environmentally conscious design strategy. Our interior designers at Spaces Designed always design with an eco-friendly mindset, but we found especially great opportunities to make the Woloszko kitchen an energy and space efficient, material-conserving kitchen of the future. The result is an eco-friendly and functional, but contemporary and sophisticated space that improves the lifestyle of our satisfied clients.

wolosko_kit5 We repositioned the island, which was anchored to the structural column seen above, to make the overall flow through space more comfortable and functional. We specified an anti-rust coating for this awkwardly placed column and left it uncovered to capitalize on the circulation space around it.

The appliances in this kitchen are low on energy use and high on up-to date technology. Many of our clients are open to eco-friendly appliances such an induction cooktop, steam oven, and cordless small appliances.



Our design makes use of sustainable materials like the space-saving German cabinets faced in wood veneer rather than traditional solid wood fronts. LED light fixtures in the cabinets and overhead lighting add to the tally of saved energy costs as well.

wolosko_kit2 wolosko_kit1

Inside the cabinets, we made an innovative and efficient use of space.


wolosko_kit3 wolosko_kit4

As we accept more and more that the world’s natural resources are limited, we’ve observed a move away from the typical granite countertops to more green products. Some materials that are being used are manufactured stones like quartz. Other countertop options are soap stone, butcher-block wood, stainless steel, concrete, or recycled glass cast in concrete. These are some great examples:

concrete counter

butcher-block countertop

stainless steel countertop

No gray area here, it’s our Black and White Issue!

Somehow black and white adds a touch of luxury to almost any interior design scheme. The use of a black and white color scheme is a simple way to infuse rooms with a contemporary feel. Interior designers and lovers-of-design home owners can combine black and white contrast with pops of bright color and traditional lighting, furniture lines, fabric, wall covering or tile patterns. And voilà! It’s a perfectly sophisticated transitional space!

This is exactly the kind of concept our interior designers followed in this Austin, Texas residence which blends traditional furniture and lighting with some contemporary furniture and patterns in the tile and textiles. The black and white color scheme helps to bridge between these traditional and contemporary elements.



rao4 rao3

These are some other great examples from other interior designers of black and white colors schemes throughout the home. Some of them are transitional and some are completely contemporary. They are great inspiration for creative ways to utilize black and white materials, colors and patterns within your spaces. Enjoy!

vintage residence

contemporary kitchen

chic bathroom

patterned wallpaper bathroom

eclectic bathroom

city view modern living room

elegant comfortable living room

transitional informal dining

Re: veal renovation progress photos!

We’re excited to reveal some renovation progress photographs of this beautiful project with you! Let us know what you think so far and stay tuned for updates!
The kitchen has been completely redone with new fixtures, appliances, cabinets and finishes. The walls await an elegant back splash tile that will coordinate with the contrasting dark cabinets and natural-toned granite counters and porcelain tile floor. Note the two minimalist pendant light fixtures. (We appreciate accessories that quietly speak volumes of style!)

We are really proud of this fireplace design! It is sleek and modern and creates the perfect, balanced focal point for the room. Also note the “sharp”, high polish finish modern ceiling fan. (Every space needs a little reflection!)

The finish textures here are coordinating nicely. From the wallpaper to the fireplace tile to the built-in console cabinets; we are creating stylish contrast that is pleasing to the eye. A combination of transitional and contemporary furniture and accessories will brighten the neutral color scheme.

We can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Before and After: See before and after images of the Baxter Residence!

We’d love to hear your comments on how you think this remodel of the Baxter Residence turned out.

This home was in desperate need of an update. Besides providing new cabinets, appliances, fixtures, finishes, and more built-in storage, we reorganized floor plans to be more functional; transforming this space into a bright, comfortable and peaceful backdrop for everyday life. Enjoy!

“Before” Kitchen

“After” Kitchen

“Before” Master Bath
“After” Master Bath