Support Your Local Artists!

We want to take a moment to applaud the work of local Austin artists Jake Bryer and Erica Wildman, and Leigh Watson of Watson Designs! They worked with us on the Far West ER project. We just love incorporating art into overall interior design schemes. But it’s especially a treat when you are able to commission artwork and collaborate with an artist from early on in the design project. Take a closer look at this great artwork!

Austin Emergency Center




Nurses Station Hallway


Art Show, Showy Art

We enjoyed taking in an art show at the Austonian in Austin, TX recently. One of our clients from the Austin Emergency Center project, Dr. Okem Okpara, came along and we browsed through some color washed and inspiring modern art pieces. These are a few of our favorites.

photo 3

The piece above would be great for a modern/eclectic space of any color scheme.

photo 2

The piece above could be at home above the bed in your master suite, in a well styled, but minimal entryway or adding a pop of color above the fireplace in a neutral living room.

photo 1

“Hang me above the sofa or fireplace in your contemporary styled living room!” That’s what the above piece says to us!

photo 4

Our smiling faces show how much we ❤ art!

We <3 ART!

Our interior designer takes every opportunity (with an editorial eye of course) to incorporate art in each of our designs. In this living room, we took a very toned down, traditional interior, and made it into an elegant, bright, dynamic space. One of the ways we did this was through the art work.

Pictures-07122009 338 copy

The elegant contemporary piece above the fireplace became the focal point of the room instead of fading into the background like the previous piece. The contemporary accessories in the console shelves contrast greatly with the previous darker, heavier ones, tying into the fresh, light and stylish interior design scheme.

Pictures-07122009 338

Emergency Design!

Austin Emergency Center in the Far West area of Austin, TX just had its grand opening and we’d love to share some images of the completed space with you! Note the striking feature wall, outstanding art work by a local artist and the calm, but bright and comfortable environment our design fosters. Even the most functional of spaces deserves good interior design. Let us know what you think!

facebook post_5.1.2013

Keeping it Local: Erica Wildman

Spaces Designed is blessed to have a great relationship with many of Austin’s local artists. We have showcased their work in a number of homes and are always excited to see what is new!

Erica Wildman, one of Austin’s finest in mixed- media abstract art, showcases a wide array of organic movement, vibrant colors and textures. Her unique use of texture and color is reflective of her strong passion for art. “My inspiration can come just from a casual flip of a book, to day dreaming to seeing something that catches my eye,” says Erica. Being able to live the life of an artist has brought true joy and fulfillment to Erica’s life.

“There is nothing more fulfilling then finishing a new piece of art. It’s feels like the first time every time. I feel like a child running down to see the presents under the tree except that I’m running down to my studio to see my finished art.”- Erica Wildman

Erica can be found in several galleries 
and art shows throughout the year in Austin, 
as well as several Austin Java locations.

In the next few weeks, Austin Emergency Center will be opening its doors to the public and we are excited to showcase one of Austin’s most talented.

“Working with Spaces Designed has been a breath of fresh air. Everyone is very kind, professional and easy to work with. I look forward to establishing a long working history with each and every one of them.”- Erica Wildman

Check out Erica’s other works at