3 Holiday Mantle Ideas

With the holiday season already here, you may find yourself out of ideas and wondering how to liven up your everyday family or living room with some Christmas cheer. Fireplace mantles tend to be a great opportunity to create a focal point in a room, making these ideas quick and efficient by offering a way to decorate and make a great holiday statement in a room without covering every surface in Christmas bells and whistles. So here it goes!

1. Rustic:


With rustic decor in full stylish swing, create a cozy mantle that reflects your authentic character by adding some country-esque ribbon, wooden details or accessories, and finish it off with some burlap stockings.

2. Muted and Sophisticated


Create your white Christmas dream with a muted mantle comprised of whites, neutrals, and charcoal greys for an everyday relaxed, yet festive mantle look.

3. Fun and Quirky


Create this eclectic mantle look with a large, colorful piece of art, an all-white blank canvas and garland with pops of bold color here and there, such as bright ornament spheres and glass jars full of candy.

Hopefully these looks will inspire you to create something beautiful that will make a holiday statement in your home. But above all, have lots of fun and let your creative side run wild! Happy Holidays. xo