Market Musings

What is design? Literally speaking, it’s an object or a project that serves a function. Look around. Can you spot a design? We are not speaking solely about buildings or automobiles. See that tree near that interception you cross daily? Isn’t that design? Isn’t its wood functional for furnishings? And at the same time, doesn’t it radiate beauty?

As you can deduct, design is all around us. Sometimes all we have to do is look in a different direction. That’s why we headed over to the Dallas Market to get a fresh dose of inspiration for 2014, and boy where we in for a ride! For those not familiar with the term, markets are design centers which house resources for designers and other trade professionals. Luckily for our readers some are also open for the public periodically. Markets feature one-of-a-kind pieces and the hottest new products.

Our findings?

It’s time to swap those light fixtures. LED will continue to be a hit in 2014, only bigger and better. Stores like YLighting offer unique and contemporary designs with impeccable craftsmanship.

Out with monochromatic and in with radiant orchid, neon greens and jewel hues. The color of the year must have been a sign because 2014 is as packed with color as Miami Beach in the summer. From hand-blown glass fixtures to decorative pillows and carpets if you like to be on top of the latest trends, you cannot fail to ride the color wave.

Our tip? The next time you are in a design rut go out and explore! Design is everywhere, just take the time to appreciate it.



2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

After all of the seafaring colors of the past couple years, corals and turquoises, we think this new year deserves a twist in another direction. That is why we are fully on board with Pantone’s choice for 2014: Radiant Orchid. Richer than lavender yet more vibrant than violet, this color is modern, fresh, and fun. Here are some inspirational photos to get your creative juices flowing in the spirit of the New Year!

pantone orchidroomspoolsvasesbedding





Feature in Austin Home Magazine

Hello all! We are honored to show you a feature of Spaces Designed owner, Komal Sheth, in Austin Home Magazine. Komal was asked her opinion her favorite chair…take a look at what she said!


“This beautiful piece, with it’s feminine styling and attractive curves, is my favorite chair. The selection of two-toned upholstery makes it a standout statement piece in any room.”

You can also view a full-page version of the feature here!

Projection for New Health Spaces

As the design industry grows and transforms, so is the healthcare industry increasingly discovering new ways to facilitate patient wellness in and outside of the waiting room. The two fields have been working together for decades to help patients have the best experience they can upon engaging in the stressful trip to the doctor’s office. But it hasn’t been that easy – progress is slow when it comes to renovating existing offices, and prioritizing funds for creating a better atmosphere over other medical office needs. Needless to say, the future is looking bright for healthcare facilities when it comes to environmental and design trends. No longer is the ‘healthiest’ or ‘most soothing’ wall color the only design consideration – but endless ideas for patient-nurse communication, more conversational and relaxed atmospheric ideas, as well as opportunities for fitness and wellness centers.

For example, take a look at the environments of the emergency centers we at Spaces Designed have created recently.


Austin Emergency Center at Far West

With our newest project, the Austin ER at Far West, we wanted to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere for patients considering the heightened stress levels that normally accompany an ER trip. We created an undulating receptionist desk with soothing textures and color combinations, a comfortable seating arrangement for people waiting, and a fun space for children. In the children’s rooms, we included custom mural art to create a different, exciting space for them.


Imagekids2And at the Austin Skin Institute in La Grange, we created a bright, uplifting space with fun art and color combinations to inspire the patients that are waiting to be positive about their treatment options and the future that could be possible with their skin!


Austin Skin Institute

3 Holiday Mantle Ideas

With the holiday season already here, you may find yourself out of ideas and wondering how to liven up your everyday family or living room with some Christmas cheer. Fireplace mantles tend to be a great opportunity to create a focal point in a room, making these ideas quick and efficient by offering a way to decorate and make a great holiday statement in a room without covering every surface in Christmas bells and whistles. So here it goes!

1. Rustic:


With rustic decor in full stylish swing, create a cozy mantle that reflects your authentic character by adding some country-esque ribbon, wooden details or accessories, and finish it off with some burlap stockings.

2. Muted and Sophisticated


Create your white Christmas dream with a muted mantle comprised of whites, neutrals, and charcoal greys for an everyday relaxed, yet festive mantle look.

3. Fun and Quirky


Create this eclectic mantle look with a large, colorful piece of art, an all-white blank canvas and garland with pops of bold color here and there, such as bright ornament spheres and glass jars full of candy.

Hopefully these looks will inspire you to create something beautiful that will make a holiday statement in your home. But above all, have lots of fun and let your creative side run wild! Happy Holidays. xo

Vetrazzo: Forward-Thinking Recycled Countertops

The ahead of the curve countertop company Vetrazzo has been creating beautiful recycled glass countertops for quite a while now, despite the recent trendiness of the “green design” field. Often called the most sustainable countertop, they usually hold more than 85% recycled glass mixed with Portland cement. Heat, stain, and scratch resistant, this product is a win-win! With a range of products bound to offer something gorgeous to whomever or whatever installation may come along, Vetrazzo continues to bring forth new color combos that will entice and excite. Here’s a couple of their newest color samples, and some project photos from some of their most popular colors.

Bretagne Blue: A dreamy shade of turquoise reminiscent of the sea

Amethystos: A soft violet take on the classic mix of glass

Emerald Coast: Beautiful oyster shells and glass.

Umbo White: A soothing mix of crushed marble and oyster shells to create an interesting soft canvas for any project.

Widely used colors & Installations:

Cubist Clear

Floating Blue

Hollywood Sage

Cobalt Skyy

Ruby Red


Dwell’s City Modern Home Tour Top 4

Dwell got an exclusive look at some of Manhattan’s most dreamy interiors at the annual City Modern Home Tour a few weeks back. Take a look, but be careful, your grander design side is bound to be induced with envy once your through drooling over these next photos!

1. Resolution: 4 Architecture’s 14th Street Loft: This gorgeous loft serves up just the right mixture of modern and charming for it’s family of five inhabitants. With modern takes on traditional design, the end result is a functional space with tons of room, storage,  and lots of natural light for this family to relax and bond. The focal point in this home is a raised solarium that opens up to the rooftop. The solarium also features a raised floor that serves as a sortof skylight to the bedroom below!


2. Asfour Guzy Architects’ Lafayette Townhouse: This four-story, single family townhouse designed by Peter Guzy is an absolutely stunning poster child for modern charm. Originally a ConEd switching station constructed in 1909, the brick walls, exposed beams and vaults are absolute elements of old school charm that the architect didn’t dare remove or cover up, and for good reason. In order to maintain the original charm of the building, he integrated these with a new library, indoor pool, terrace, and even an elevator. Natural light plays a huge role in the functionality of the home, so as to not unintentionally create a dingy vibe.




3. Leone Design Studio’s Meatpacking Loft: This artsy, glamorous loft is a 2,880 sq ft living space located in an old printing factory built by John Jacob Astor in the 1890’s. The designers tried to pay homage to the loft’s industrial roots despite the fact that it’s earlier conversion had not done so. The space is modern, yet has a certain historical sense to it.



4. David Hoston’s SkyHouse: This four-story penthouse inside one of NYC’s oldest skyscrapers is a childlike artist/futurist dream home. Featuring glass bridges, skylights, and a 50 ft. climbing wall that will make you dizzy, in a good way. As will the 80 ft. stainless steel slide that weaves over the bedrooms, in and out of windows, and finally into the entryway. The quirky home is not all fun and games though, as it’s sophisticated white palate becomes a beautiful backdrop for stylistic statements like a large black horse-lamp and statement art pieces.


We hope you enjoyed this recap of Dwell’s experience at the City Home Tour in NYC! Maybe it will give you some inspiration to start this Monday off right!