Mercury Glass Everywhere!

If you’ve been anywhere near a HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, West Elm, er, anywhere else that sells home decor lately, you’ve probably noticed a resurgence of mercury (or “silvered”) glass. Blame it on the popularity of rustic, antique, and farmhouse design, or just on the fact that modern innovation has allowed us to bring back this beautiful glass without the dangerous mercury. So what ties mercury glass to vintage taste, and why does everyone love it?

It all started in the 1840’s in what is now the Czech Republic. Silvered glass was popular among the poor for it’s uncanny ability to imitate real silver. Now, we imitate it very well, and we that love design love the sparkle, charm, and versatility that it brings to a space. Take a look at some inspired interiors that utilize this beautiful accessory.

ImageMercury glass blends in beautifully with the beachy yet elegant vibe of this space.


The glass here offers a nice but fitting break from this homely and monochromatic corner.

ImageMercury glass decor can be found in fall and Christmas shapes and add a certain festive spirit.

ImageMercury glass candlesticks adding a gorgeous element to a shabby chic tablescape.

Image  This photo depicts the incredible versatility of this glass by incorporating it into a mid-century room.

ImageThis weathered mercury mirror contrasts nicely with a glamorous chandelier, and an otherwise muted and modern space.

ImageA mercury lamp adding a bit of character to a traditional-eclectic bedroom.

ImageSilvered glass pendants add that little bit of sparkle that this kitchen could definitely use.


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