Attractive design : Design Attractor

Design Attractor is a blog written by Jan Skácelík, a graphic designer, photographer and music composer from Olomouc, Czech Republic. Skácelík has a love for vintage 50s/60s Scandinavian style interior design and an eye for cleanly, simply and beautifully composed interior spaces.

Here are some inspiring images from Design Attractor blog posts!

Victorian House in North London

Apartment by Mette Helena Rasmussen

Architect’s House in Denmark

House in Notting Hill

House in Hellerup

Schroeder Home near the forest

Schroeder Home near the forest

All these spaces share neutral color schemes, pure white walls, natural wood finishes, pops of color, and a combination of modern and traditional style furniture. Here are some inspiring schemes in a similar style by our Interior Designer with a colorful Spaces Designed twist!

Grover Residence

Istre Residence

Touza Residence


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